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We're a distributed group of artists, programmers and storytellers building our first single player video game, Paperplanes. We started in 2021 in Mumbai, India and currently we a crew of 6 people across 6 cities.


Third person action adventure game set in post climate change India.


Frequently asked questions

When is the game scheduled for release?
When it is ready! We switched into production during Q1-2021 and we're slowly ramping up. We can't wait to share our labour of love with you all but it needs seasoning.

Is this another whaling expedition?
No, we love animals too much for that. No micro-transactions, loot boxes, dark-patterns, pay to win or real money gambling.

What platforms the game will be available on?
We're hard at work to bring the game to a computer near you. Eventually, we intend to publish the game on major consoles including Steam Deck, Playstation® 5, Xbox and Nintendo Switch™. Though this may change over time.

Is there a place where I can pre-order?
We are not accepting any pre-orders yet but you wishlist us on our Steam or Epic Games store page.


Diya Sengupta
Art Director
Pradeep Shinde
Senior 3D Artist
Roshan Bagul
Senior 3D Animator
Soumalya Pathak
3D Organic Modelling