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Lost Ferry Interactive makes video games which are a joy to experience and enterprise software that makes mundane work fun to complete.

Fate brings former couple Jheel and Agneya face to face at a therapists clinic but they are still haunted by an unspoken past.

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Bird of Paradise

Agneya is a doctor treating victims of the Bhopal Gas Tragedy and Jheel is a lawyer defending the corporations that are accused of causing it. Through court dates, dinners and chance encounters, an unexpected love blossoms between them only to result in a tragic separation down the road.

The power to rewrite the narrative lies in your hands



Real Time data integration and routing platform. Store, transform and exchange data between multiple systems in real time directly from within your browser.



A young girl, Hope, sets out to answer some questions for herself. En-route a civilisation rebuilt after a climate crisis and the destruction of what everything humankind ever knew, she encounters people, creatures and stories that will stay with you even after the journey ends.